The Health Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair While Pregnant

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It will help if you take time to relax during pregnancy because it demands that you remain in excellent health. You can find comfort from pregnancy challenges by settling on a full body massage chair

Massage chairs while pregnant is a blessing for many since they reduce pelvic discomfort and improve blood circulation. Pregnancy may occasionally be painful. Discomfort, pains, cramps, and jabs are expected during the entire pregnancy. If you’re considering treating yourself with a massage or pedicure, you might wonder if using a full body massage chair while pregnant is safe.

There is no single correct answer, but many professionals will tell you that these full body massage chairs are perfectly safe if you use them properly. The following information will explain why using a massage chair while pregnant is beneficial and what things to consider if you decide to try one.

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Is it Safe to Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

Let’s examine each possible issue in more detail;


The vibration you get from a full body massage chair is typically too gentle to hurt you. Because you are seated, there is no risk to your tummy even if you use the maximum setting.


Additionally, the pressure in a full body massage chair is not strong enough to start labor. In reality, constant stress—not the type you’d receive from a massage chair—is what acupressure labor points demand.


It’s a brilliant idea to be cautious about overheating your full body massage chair during pregnancy, even if the heat from a massage chair is generally relatively modest. It’s dangerous to raise your body temperature too much while you’re pregnant. Hot yoga, saunas, and other similar activities are also not advised for this reason.

Why Should You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

The relaxing feeling and pampering you receive are fantastic when using a massage chair while pregnant. Pregnant women are increasingly choosing full body massage chairs because of the following pros;

  • Sitting in a massage chair can relieve leg and back discomfort during pregnancy. It is because the expanding uterus takes up a lot of room and puts pressure on the body. The circulation of blood in the upper region of your body, which reduces discomfort, can be aided by a massage chair.
  • As the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the body and causes leg and back discomfort, which is eased by a full body massage chair.
  • In specific areas, the rollers and nodes massage the user. You can modify the nodes and rollers depending on the situation to target particular body parts.
  • The vibrations do not shake the baby. Therefore, they are secure.

When to Avoid Massage Chair While Pregnancy?

You can avoid using an electric massage chair at any time if you’re concerned about doing so while pregnant. It might be incredibly uncomfortable for some people in the first trimester and the final four weeks of pregnancy.

You might also wish to refrain from using the massage chair while pregnant for the following reasons;

Morning Sickness

Moving from a full body massage chair could make you nauseous if you suffer from severe morning sickness.


You might believe getting a massage is a smart option if you have sciatic nerve pain. But stimulating already sensitive or overworked nerves and muscles may cause more significant pain.

Back Ache

Lower back discomfort follows the same rule. Back pain during pregnancy can be challenging, and you risk aggravating the condition more.

It’s a good idea to discuss why you want to use a massage chair with a doctor or midwife if you have a lot of discomforts. It would be helpful if you discussed any aches and pains you are experiencing with your healthcare professional. For instance, low back discomfort may indicate premature labor.

Safe Pregnancy Massages, Massage Chairs

Why It Is Safe And Healthy To Use A Massage Chair While Pregnant

Overall, using a massage chair while pregnant poses little to no risk if used appropriately. Use gentle heat and modest massage pressure, especially in your lower back area. For instance, on specific parts, pregnant women are permitted to use heating pads. You should stop using the chair and hydrate yourself if you feel dizzy or overheated.

Have You Considered The Health Benefits Of A Massage Chair?

Massage Chair Health, Massage Chair benefits

In today’s world of everything done virtually, one practical investment is a massage desk chair. Due to the pandemic, most employees are mandated to work from their homes. And while every home already has chairs as furniture, having a chair dedicated for work will be helpful. An office massage chair will not only keep you motivated but also can make you feel comfortable while working.

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Introducing: Massage Desk Chair

Even if you sit for hours or stand up for a few minutes to a stretch, being stuck in front of the computer working for hours can be exhausting. Not to mention if the chair you’re seating on is hard. You may not really put an emphasis on your chair, thinking it doesn’t matter. But in reality, it does matter. Being comfortable while working can fuel you on your work. A full body massage chair is the solution.

A chair specifically made to offer a relaxing experience to the user—that is what a massage chair is all about. It was first introduced to the market in the 1980s as a chair emulating the motions and techniques of an actual masseuse. As technology progressed, different upgrades were also applied to different models. This resulted in massage chairs offering various types of massage options.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

As being pointed out, comfort is the top benefit of using a massage desk chair. It imitates the features of a full and comprehensive body massage in the comfort of your own home. So why invest in this chair?

Minimizes Stiff Neck Problems

One of the problems of being in front of the computer all day is acquiring a stiff neck. You can eliminate this problem through a massage chair. Some types of massage chairs come with a feature dedicated to massaging the neck and shoulder areas. Not only will it take away the discomfort of a stiff neck but also decrease the headache that comes with it.

Improves Blood Circulation

A problem that comes with sitting out for too long is poor blood circulation. Sure, you have a deadline to beat but you should also do some stretching from time to time to avoid this. If you’re too busy, one solution is to get a massage desk chair. Its relaxing features help in decreasing the loading on the heart, developing oxygen intake, and correcting any circulatory issues.

Corrects Posture

Being too focused on our jobs may lead to us forgetting how to sit in the correct position. We should be aware of our posture when sitting to avoid any spine problems. Whether you already have issues with your spine or not, a massage chair can help.

Massage chairs adjust spinal alignment, soften spastic muscles, enhance mobility, and retain the blood balance to all areas of the body.

Continuous usage of a massage chair is also beneficial in rectifying scoliosis, as well as neck and shoulder deflection.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

There are a lot of studies showing how massages alleviate physical and psychological stress. In just about 10 to 15 minutes, the readings of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and hormone cortisol levels go down. We all know that work can sometimes give us stress and anxiety. Although these can be instantly removed, a massage chair helps in minimizing these effects on us. Plus, taking the stress and anxiety away enhances mental focus. When we are mentally focused, we can do our tasks well.

Boosts Office Morale

While working at home is convenient, it can sometimes lead to us getting things done at a slower pace. Perhaps this could be because the homey vibes lure us into resting or relaxing instead of working. Having a full body massage chair can push us into finishing our work a little bit faster than sitting in an ordinary chair. One study shows that a therapeutic massage develops our body’s dopamine and the ‘feel-good hormones’ serotonin. Thus, it can help boost our morale in our jobs even at home.

Fewer Healthcare Expenses

Eradicating body issues means lesser trips to your doctor. With all the health benefits massage chair offers, you’ll be saving a lot on healthcare expenses. As per one study, the individuals who were suffering from back pain were provided with massage chairs at their workplace. After some time, these individuals have lessened the frequency of visits to their physician. They have also saved over 30% on their budget that would have been spent on healthcare otherwise.

Massage Chair Health, Massage Chair benefits

Include a Massage Chair in Your Home Office Setup

Is a massage chair a good investment? Definitely! This special chair provides the user with a lot of benefits. Furthermore, sitting on a massage desk chair can help you maintain your focus at work and make you more productive. All in all, this can save you all the possible body aches and doctor visits in the future.

Why You Need to Have the Best Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair, relaxing massage chair

Nothing beats coming home having a good meal and spending a good time with family after a long day outside. But sometimes, you may want to level up your relaxation by going to a spa center to get a massage. However, you may not always have the luxury of time to book a service due to busy schedules. The solution: get yourself the best massage chair.

An Overview About Massage Chair

luxury massage chair, Best massage chair

A massage chair, in essence, can give a massage without the need for human intervention. This chair has three main parts: motors, nodes and rollers, and computer-assisted adjustability features. The motors are the mechanical part of the chair that adjust the nodes and rollers to the user. Meanwhile, the nodes and rollers are like the hands of a massage therapist. They differ in size and shape. Lastly, the computer-assisted function is the most essential as this allows you to adjust the pressure or select your preferred massage function. The best massage chair may have an all-inclusive menu of pre-programmed functions. Others may only have the basic techniques like tapping, kneading, and vibration.

The Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

There are different massage chair price points available in the market. But don’t fret because getting one is a good investment. Take a look at some of the health benefits you can get from a massage chair:

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

The Mayo Clinic says that a massage that lasts for one hour can lower cortisol or the body’s stress hormone by up to 30%. Participants of the study Depression and Anxiety who underwent regular massage therapy for 12 weeks also minimized their anxiety symptoms by up to 50%. And you don’t need to hire a massage therapist just to calm your mind as a massage chair can do the job for you. In fact, one study shows that spending even just 15 minutes in a massage chair can reduce your anxiety and even enhance the brain’s electroencephalogram (EEG) activity.

Relieves Pain from Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are a product of various activities like playing sports or exercising. The accumulation of lactic acid which is a substance around the muscle is the culprit for this pain. A massage triggers the molecules that decrease muscle inflammation and build up mitochondrial growth. As a result, the muscles heal faster. Some of the best massage chairselections have a special mode dedicated to eliminating the soreness from the muscles and releasing tension in the body.

Improves Blood Circulation

For your body to deliver top performance, it needs to have a continuous circulation of blood. A good blood flow also removes toxins from the body and allows speedy injury recoveries. Massages use various techniques to improve blood circulation. Vibration, kneading, gripping, and other massage chair modes can quickly enhance the body’s blood flow.

Corrects Poor Posture

People who work with desk jobs have a high risk of developing bad posture. This habit can eventually get worse if you don’t do something to correct it. Poor posture can lead to bent spine, shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and other complications. One simple solution to prevent all these is to have the best massage chair. A massage chair helps the muscles to relax and expand which realigns the spine to its proper shape. Continuous usage of a massage chair can fix scoliosis, neck, and shoulder deflection.

Creates More Flexibility

Best Massage Chair, relaxing massage chair

A healthy muscle structure ensures a wide range of motion and flexibility. If your body is more flexible, it can reduce damages caused by bends, falls, and other injuries. Flexibility also helps in staying fit and boosting the muscle structure’s capacity to execute its functions well. Massage chairs can expand your muscles to create more room for blood flow and support bone structure. Therefore, letting the muscles open up allows the body to be more flexible and stronger.

Invest in the Best Massage Chair Now

Ready to own a massage chair? Be sure to check the massage function and features of the chair before buying. Decide whether you only want a chair that targets your back or go for one that also massages the arms, legs, and feet. The range of the rollers and the airbag function are also worth checking. But most importantly, opt for one that suits your massage chair price preference.

Why You Should Have A Deep Tissue Massage Regularly

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If you are experiencing stress, back pain, neck pain, or muscle soreness, getting a massage is the best thing you can do, specifically a deep tissue massage.

professional massage chair

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. Many cultures are using massage therapy to combat many illnesses and ailments. In addition to the benefits of regular massage, deep tissue massage therapy can alleviate pain, and treat bursitis and arthritis if they are not advanced. Moreover, it can help with fatigue, high blood pressure, relief from sports injuries, and depression, among other conditions.

There are full-body massage chairs that can perform a deep tissue massage. And there is no better time than now to invest in an at-home massage chair. Getting this type of massage at home can have a wide range of benefits you cannot miss out on.

If this rejuvenating massage technique sounds enticing, read further to learn more.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

Deep tissue massage therapy is not regular massage therapy. This type of massage uses slow and deep strokes with firm and hard pressure. Due to this, the deeper layers of the muscles and fascia are reached. This is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles.

This massage technique will break up scar tissue and break down muscle adhesions, resulting in better blood circulation. The increased pressure also helps to alleviate muscle soreness, muscle tension, and muscle pain.

A deep tissue massage can focus on all areas of discomfort. This includes the back, shoulders, neck, buttocks, and legs. However, some full-body massage chairs can even accommodate the arms and the feet.

Whether you are an individual with chronic muscle tension, someone who works out four-five times per week, or someone with a desk job, deep tissue massages can improve both your physical and mental health.

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Stress Relief

This is one of the best benefits of any type of massage, including deep tissue massage. Whether you are experiencing mental or physical stress from too much work, high-intensity workouts, or family problems, getting a massage is a great way to relax your mind and body. A good massage can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Breaks up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue often results in chronic pain and stiffness. The deep tissue technique can help break up this scar tissue. As a result, the flexibility and range of motion in the area of the scar tissue will be improved. If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, the deep tissue technique can help reduce inflammation and muscle spasms and relax the muscles.

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Reduces Pain

Not just muscle pain, but back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain as well. Chronic pain in these areas can also be lessened with regular deep tissue massage therapy. Whether you’re struggling with an old injury, or have a chronic condition such as sciatica or arthritis, the deep tissue technique can bring pain relief. In addition to reducing pain, this type of massage can also prevent a future injury.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

This type of massage can lower the high blood pressure, resulting in increased levels of serotonin. Reduced blood pressure and a steady heart rate will promote good feelings and happiness. Furthermore, steady blood pressure and heart rate can decrease your chance of a stroke and increase your lifespan.

Improve Athletic Performance

Deep tissue massage is often considered “sports massage”. Because this type of massage can allow you to recover faster, this will give you the ability to improve your performance. It can reduce muscle soreness, help with muscle fatigue, and prevent injuries.

Benefits of Owning a Full Body Massage Chair

A deep tissue massage can last from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Because it is an intense massage, the best place to have one is at home. After a long day at work, going to a massage spa just doesn’t seem like the best idea. This is where a full-body massage chair comes in handy.

The best massage chairs can offer a wide variety of massage techniques. Moreover, using a massage chair at home can have multiple benefits, such as:

  • 24/7 Massage
  • Multiple Massage Techniques
  • Increased Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Good Investment


Whether you’re an athlete, an individual with back pain, an overworked mom, or someone that recovers from an injury, there are a plethora of benefits that a deep tissue massage can offer. If you want to get back to living a more balanced life, owning a full-body massage chair and getting a deep tissue massage is a must.

How To Really Relax With A Massage Chair

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Real Relax Massage Chair

One of the best ways to relax after a hard day at work is to get a massage. If you don’t have the energy and time to go to a salon, a real relax massage chair is the next best thing.

It is the most efficient way of relaxing in the comfort of your own household. A real relax massage chair comes with a plethora of massage techniques, offering you not only a relaxing experience but many health benefits as well.

Relax massage chairs are manufactured in a way that they can provide proper massage techniques. With its multiple motors and electronic vibrators, you can choose the type, intensity, and location of the massage. Whether you have a stiff neck, sore back, or you want a foot massage, these wonderful devices can improve the quality of your life.

History of Massage Chairs

The first robotic massage chair was created and built by Nobuo Fujimoto in Japan just before World War II. At the time, Nobuo Fujimoto worked in the public baths and was constantly looking for ways to provide relaxation for his clients. That is how he got the idea for a real relax massage chair.

The first prototype was built from waste he collected, such as bicycle chains, baseballs, and pieces of wood and plastic. From that basic design, those scrappy massage chairs evolved into full-body massage chairs.

Nowadays, massage chairs have advanced massage techniques. Moreover, they are sophisticated and elegant machines that offer many health benefits.

Whether you want full-body massage chairs or portable massage chairs, visit our website for more recommendations.

Benefits of Using a Real Relax Massage Chair

A massage is more than just a relaxing experience. A real relax massage chair can offer so much more. Massage therapy can reduce anxiety, help with chronic headaches, and alleviate stress-related pain.

No More Back Pain

If you experience back pain, a massage chair can alleviate that pain. Many massage chairs have options that provide focus on specific areas. As a result, a single massage can improve blood flow to oxygen-starved back muscles and decrease back pain.

Increased Blood Flow

There are many benefits of boosting your blood circulation, such as:

  • Speedy recovery from ailments and injuries.
  • Eliminate toxins from your body.
  • Stimulate endorphins that help with stress and pain.

The feeling of relaxation can also keep blood pressure down. When your blood pressure lowers, your heart rate also slows. Increased blood flow and improved circulation will lead to a better immune system.

Better Sleep

A massage chair can boost your serotonin levels, which your brain can then convert to melatonin, the sleep hormone. By having a massage before you go to bed, you can reduce fatigue and improve your sleep across the board.

More Flexibility

With continued use, a real relax massage chair can correct misalignments of the spine, neck, and shoulder muscles, increasing your flexibility. This health benefit can improve your posture and balance as well.

Reduce Stress

ideal massage chair

A massage chair is a perfect tool to help you manage and relieve stress. A combination of relaxing massage and music can increase the levels of endorphins. The stress-reducing benefits are almost immediate.

Improve Post Workout Recovery

If you are practicing sports, or if you are into weight lifting, a post-workout massage will improve your recovery significantly. A massage can help loosen sore and fatigued muscles, release tension, and improve blood circulation.


Most of all, having a massage chair at home is convenient. You don’t have to fit into someone’s schedule, waste time by going to and back from the salon, or if you are uncomfortable with someone else touching you. You can undergo a massage on your own terms while catching up on your favorite TV show or the news. It can be a short massage, a long massage, morning or evening, you make the rules.


With many high-quality and affordable massage chairs on the market, massage chairs are no longer a luxury item for the rich. They are an essential item that every home should have.

To sum up, using a massage chair is a great way to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and just have pleasant moments of relaxation. Investing in a real relax massage chair will offer many benefits for your body and mind.

The Health Benefits Of Owning A Top Massage Chair

luxury massage chair, Best massage chair

Massage equals relaxation. Additionally, atop massage chair can offer many therapeutic benefits beyond relaxation. Benefits that can restore your natural wellbeing.

Massage chairs have specially designed massage features, providing professional-quality kneading to all areas of your body. The back, arms, shoulders, thighs, legs, and even the feet, today’s massage chairs can replicate popular massage techniques that will enhance your mobility, enhance muscle recovery, and help with pain management.

There are a lot of great products on the market, with great capabilities. A top massage chair can offer a massage that is equal to a massage by human touch. And you can get all this by sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Read on to see the top 8 benefits that a top massage chair can offer, and see how many of them can actually help you.

15 minute chair massage

Benefits of a Top Massage Chair

It Helps Minimize Stress

Stress can be the cause of many body aches and muscle tension. A top massage chair can significantly reduce muscle tension and release endorphins that will bring much-needed relief. Stress and anxiety are abundant; a good massage therapy can alleviate stress symptoms.

Helps in Inducing Better Sleep

Stress and anxiety can often lead to insomnia. Sleep deprivation is a serious illness, but if you are looking to fall asleep fast, getting a massage is the right way to do it. Massage therapy can reduce fatigue and increase delta waves. These are the brain waves connected to deep sleep.

Better Lymph Flow

The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the body. It acts as drainage and cleans up waste such as toxins, bacteria, and viruses. A good massage can flush the lymphatic system, improving the lymph flow to reduce stress and fatigue, and enable the body to get rid of potentially damaging waste products.

Lower Blood Pressure and Increases Blood Circulation

High blood pressure is one of the most common illnesses. This can lead to heart attack, heart failure, stroke, or kidney failure. Regular massage therapy helps with reducing blood pressure back to normal and can increase blood circulation as well. A well-functioning circulatory system will decrease the loading on the heart, and improve oxygen intake significantly.

Manage Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the world. For people that suffer from backache, even small tasks feel like a massive challenge. If left untreated, it can become a chronic condition. Regular massages will help you long-term. A top massage chair can help with lower back pain because it helps blood flow better to the muscles.

Posture Improvement

If you are working a desk job, you are at risk of developing bad posture. Bad posture can lead to bent spine, neck pain, shoulder ache, and other complications. To help prevent that, today’s massage chairs have been designed to directly impact these parts of your body.

Stronger Immune System

Massage chair therapy at the end of the day can greatly stimulate the immune system. When your blood pressure is normal, the heart rate optimal, blood circulation functioning well, the body’s immune system can fight infections and diseases more efficiently.

Lightens the Mood

Getting a regular massage is a joyful and deeply satisfying experience that will improve your mood instantly.

Tips for Leading a Healthier Life

We shouldn’t take our bodies and our health for granted. Our body is our temple and we need to do our absolute best to better ourselves. Along with purchasing a top massage chair, here are a few tips for leading a healthier life.

Eat a Healthy Diet

As an adult, you should eat a combination of different foods, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, meats, and whole grains. By eating healthy, you substantially reduce the risk of inflammation, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and malnutrition.

luxury massage chair

Be Active

Physical activities are a must for a healthy body. In general, adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio or any other physical activity throughout the week. Physical activity and exercise can increase our lifespan, lower the risk of diseases, and aid with weight loss.

Drink More Water

Water is essential for our bodies, yet most of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. 60% of our body is made up of water, and water has the function to carry oxygen and nutrients around our body, remove waste, and keep our organs healthy. Therefore, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.


In summary, a top massage chair can lead to better quality sleep, better breathing habits, improvement in posture, and improved awareness of body-mind connection. All this leads to a healthier feeling and life than before.

Getting massages is a great way to start or end the day. You can play your favorite music and just let your body relax as you prepare for a brand new day. By having a top massage chair at home, you can unwind with a gentle massage, and get rid of the anxiety and soreness you experienced during the day.

Benefits of Owning a Deep Tissue Massage Chair!

relaxing chair massage

Are you experiencing muscle soreness, chronic pain, or stress on a daily basis? A deep tissue massage chair might be the best solution to your problems.

Massage chairs have been around for decades now, and they are getting better, more versatile, and more comfortable each year. And the best thing about owning a massage chair is, it’s always available for a massage session. You don’t have to spend money on each session, you don’t have to leave your home or make appointments. If you like the sound of that, you’re probably in the search for the perfect massage chair. We recommend full body massage chairs and portable massage chairs (chair massages under $100 and chair massages under $250) if you want help choosing the perfect deep tissue massage chair for you!

The massage chair market is so crowded, buying a massage chair can be a stressful process, which is kind of ironic in this situation. To relieve some of that stress, in this article we’ll be focusing on why you should aim for a deep tissue massage chair and the health benefits of owning one.

professional massage chair

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that targets the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. The deep tissue massage chair works by applying slow, deep, and deliberate strokes that focus pressure on those inner layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin.

Although it might sound scary, a deep tissue massage is very beneficial when it comes to chronic pain, stiff neck, lower back pain, and muscle tightness. It is one of the most popular types of massage techniques especially among people recovering from sports muscle injuries or due to an accident.

Health Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages have benefits not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well. You can treat a variety of conditions, like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Recovery from sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Postural problems
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle tension or spasm

Eliminate Chronic Pain – If you are suffering from chronic pain, a deep tissue massage chair will benefit you greatly. A deep tissue massage will increase the blood flow in your body which will effectively reduce inflammation. The inflammation is what causes you pain, and regular massage sessions will help relieve it. 

Posture Improvement – People with desk jobs are at higher risk of developing bad posture. With bad posture comes back pain, neck pain, muscle stiffness, and if not taken care of, potential complications in the future. A deep tissue massage chair enables relaxation and expansion of your muscles on your back, increased blood circulation, and over time will realign your spine in its proper shape.

Stress Relief – Whether you are experiencing stress at work or home, stress can accumulate over time causing you muscle tension and massive headaches. Deep tissue massage can be a great stress reliever. This kind of massage can address these issues and help your body and mind relax.

Side Effects and Precautions

relaxing chair massage

Because of the firm pressure a deep tissue massage chair can provide, a deep tissue massage may not be safe for everyone. People with underlying conditions have to consult a doctor first.

Anyone with osteoporosis or cancer that’s spread to the bones should avoid this kind of massage treatment, otherwise, you may risk a fracture. People with blood clots are also at risk because those blood clots could dislodge. A deep tissue massage chair can also be potentially dangerous to people with hernias, infected skin or rashes, open wounds, tumors, recent fractures, and pregnant women. Anyone that has done a recent surgery, chemotherapy, or has another medical condition, needs to consult with a doctor first.

Why You Should Own a Deep Tissue Massage Chair

24/7 Massage – The benefit of owning a massage chair is you can schedule your sessions whenever you want. You can have a massage either in the morning, afternoon, or late at night. No reservations needed, no forms to sign, no time wasted sitting in the waiting room.

Comfort and Convenience – After a long day at work, and family obligations, do you have the time and energy to go to a massage parlor? With a personal massage chair, you can enjoy a therapeutic massage from the comfort of your home while watching sports or your favorite TV show. How about that?

Good Investment – There is no doubt that having a massage chair at home is super beneficial. But the main concern is always the hefty price tag. Although expensive, massage chairs are quite durable and they come with reliable warranties. So even if the initial cost seems big, trust me, you’ll get your money’s worth in massages.

Let’s play with numbers for a moment. The price of a typical chiropractic visit or a massage parlor can vary between 60 and 100 dollars a visit. The price goes double if you take a partner. If you go for the less expensive option, that’s still 120 dollars a visit. If you both go twice a month, that’s 240 dollars a month, or 2,880 dollars a year. If you visit the chiropractic or massage parlor more often, the price can vary between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars a year. Pretty expensive right?

Some high-end massage chairs with multiple features, like expanding airbags, quality leather, and music players can cost you well above $5,000. Even the most basic models can be a significant investment. A quality deep tissue massage chair will cost less than that, and will last for many years, making it a good investment.


seated massage

Most people suffer from postural stress, some without even knowing. And after a long day of work, whether you have a desk job, you work on your feet all day, or you are a professional athlete, a relaxing massage is the best thing you can do. This is where a deep tissue massage chair comes in handy. You can improve your posture, reduce stress, and improve your sleep and recovery.

Massage chairs are capable of performing various massage techniques, offering you an enjoyable experience. Some massage chairs are designed solely for a relaxing massage, some to relieve chronic pain, muscle ache, or back pain. For your well-being, purchasing a deep tissue massage chair might be the soundest investment you are ever going to make.

Staying home never felt so good!

in office chair massage, Office massage chair

With everything that has been happening recently from around the world with this worldwide pandemic virus called the Coronavirus-2019 or COVID-19, it has destroyed every country’s economy. From cases and deaths being in the hundreds of thousands in the United State.

People are being forced literally to “stay at home”, “self-quarantine”, work from home and depending on which state and community you are in, you must follow a stricter self-quarantine guideline. In some states like Michigan, their rules, guidelines are some of the strictest in the country. Normal everyday life and routines from going to the gym, lawn essentials, bike repair shops, restaurants, pet shops, and even getting a haircut are all gone because of an enemy that we cannot see but is frustratingly real.

Now, this article is not about the lifestyle impacts that this Coronavirus-2019 pandemic has, this article is about the serious negative health effects that this virus has on you and how by using a massage chair, now and when all of this is over, you will come out of this looking so much better and healthier than ever (trust me, I work from home often and don’t know where I’d be without my seated massage chair).

Why It’s Important to Have Your Own Seated Massage Chair at Home

With the sudden change in lifestyle and routine, many Doctors and public health experts are concerned about the rising risks of this pandemic can have on people such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder). Yes, PTSD is often linked to war-like situations but in fact, it can be an experience where there is a sudden, forced change where all 3 parts of your human psyche (id, ego, superego) have all experienced intense irritability, fear, constriction, confusion, hopelessness, and anger. People are also experiencing more stress, and the higher likelihood of experiencing anxiety or depression could be triggered from this change in lifestyle.

in office chair massage

Working from home is very new, very strange for most people. It’s a completely different environment, fewer people to talk to, not a lot of movement and probably not the best kind of furniture for long-hours of seated work. There’s discomfort in not having the right type of work-furniture. The furniture that we have at the office is designed for long hours of seated work, the furniture we have at home designed for short-term functionality.

Let me ask you, how do you feel right now? How do you feel that you can’t go to your favorite restaurant? You can’t visit your family? You can’t go outside without wearing a face mask? And how do you feel, knowing that you can’t even do something as simple as getting a haircut?

This feeling that you have, it builds and builds – and if you do not release it, you will have negative physical and mental health consequences. This is where having your own seated massaged chair at home, it can literally save your life. Its primary goal is to help relieve you of all of these feelings of anxiety, tension, and stress – turning you into a healthier, happier person.

Looking after your physical and mental health has never been so important! The best medicine you can give yourself right now is “15-minutes in heaven” as massage therapists call it. Imagine, all that tension, tightness, stress that you feel slowly fade away.

Benefits of Having A Seated Massage Chair

Releases Stress

Studies have proven that after you’ve used your massage chair, your stress levels will be reduced by over 85% and even lower your chances of getting injuries from repetitive strains with an added bonus of lowering our blood pressure by 6% – that small 6% is enough to differentiate you from having normal blood pressure and a hypertensive one.

Releases Anxiety

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Studies have shown, that anxiety is a cruel and cunning enemy. It’s deadly because it slowly creeps on you then boom, you have a breakdown. This happens when you have so much stuff that has accumulated over time and when you do not release that accumulated stuff, you will blow up and have a meltdown. Imagine how much happier and relieved you would feel when you’ve freed your mind from the anxiety, you’re breathing easier, there’s an increase in mental clarity and focus.

Relieves Tension

Imagine how you would feel when that tightness, that weird tension often found in your arms and forehead disappears. Studies have shown that getting a massage chair lowers your chances of getting tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome by over 15%. Imagine how relaxed and light you feel when you have released all that unspoken tension in your body.

Increases Your Immunity

Strange as it is sounds, studies have proven that after your use of a seated massage chair your cells in your body perform and improve by over 35% especially regardless of inflammatory illnesses, autoimmune, and best of it improves your quality of sleep by at least 28%. Imagine, how much better you feel when you have a solid 8 hours of non-interrupted sleep.

Advice on Seated Massage Chairs

How often should you use your massage chair? It will depend on your needs. Some do it daily, while some do it 3-5 times a week and some only do it once a week. The general rule for massages is to do it as much as you need, not want or in other words, do in moderation. Massage chair sessions are usually 20-50 minutes, not more. We wouldn’t want you to bruise your muscles now. 

When you decide on buying your own massage chair, please consider these factors:

  • It should be easy to move around.
  • Make sure that it can fit you and it can handle your weight.
  • If you can find one with 2-years, that’s even better.
  • Do you want a leg-rest with it or use an ottoman? Do you want heating with your chair?
  • Do you want it in synthetic leather with plastic, leather with polished wood, or a combination of both?
  • There are generally two types available with varying degrees of pressure; Shiatsu and Swedish.
  • Uses patting, rolling, rotating, sweeping, and pressing actions- used for relieving specific body tensions.
  • Uses kneading and gliding actions – used to foster strong and proper circulation.

You can find what we recommended for seated massage chairs (full body massage chairs and portable massage chairs under $100 and portable massage chairs under $250) here.

Look & Feel Great After All of This

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The last thing you want is to experience a massive meltdown from this or have an injurt – you want to be strong for your loved ones, yourself, and your family. Staying at home can be extremely suffocating, the tension, the anxiety that accumulates by bits daily, must be stopped or it can harm well-being. but with a seated massage chair, at home – all your stress, worries, and fears will all go away.

The secret to this whole surviving through this pandemic is to follow the “oxygen face” rule. You take care of you first, before your family and I promise you, all will be west – it’s really that simple. You take care of yourself physically and mentally. And the rest will follow.

Imagine, how much better you will come over after all of this. This I can guarantee you, get a massage chair for your home, use it often, and you will be a whole different person when all of this is finally over. You will look better and you feel better and have that peace of mind that we all want.

Why a 15 Minute Chair Massage is a Great Thing to Include in Your Routine

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Working for too many hours continuously can be a stressful thing to do and it wouldn’t be any big surprise to get stress at work. Due to its impact on health and the overall life of the individual, many initiatives for corporate wellness are more focused towards stress release and relaxation, and these are getting more momentum. 

Among the best of these would be massage chairs. These benefits for work would outweigh all other renowned perks for office, such as free snacks (that don’t help for waistline or for 2 p.m. slump), nap rooms and ping pong tables. 

However, among everything

massage chairs remains to be an affordable and incredibly effective beneficial addition for work days.

This is exactly the reason as why a lot of small and large companies utilize chair massages as ways for drawing and retaining their valuable employees, while keeping them in a healthy, reliable and productive state. 

Thus, for a total relaxation before, during or after work, you can have a 15 minute chair massage from the comfort of your work or at home and keep going on again with a refreshed and rejuvenated state of mind and body.

What do we mean by chair massage and what you can expect?

For normal chair massages, you would have to lean forward within a massage chair while facing down within face cradle while certified therapist would massage the back, arms and neck. Also, no special cloth change or preparation is required, so it would be convenient and simple. No messy oils are required and there is no feeling of uneasiness. 

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There are two types of best massage chairs we have recommended on our site. These are full body massage chairs, which are suited great from at home or at the office, but can’t be transported. But if you prefer a massage chair you can’t go away without, a portable massage chair would suit you better. These can be taken and used in the car, at work, at home or even taken with you on holidays or work trips! We look into portable massage chairs under $100 and portable massage chairs under $250.

Massage position also plays a key role to the overall productivity. Under the conventional massage technique, you have to lie down horizontally, and a lot of employees don’t like going back to work post conventional massage. Wellness massage can be thought of as 15-minute personal spa treatment meant for individuals meeting them wherever they remain, so they wouldn’t miss additional work time for benefiting through the renowned therapeutic treatment process that just relaxes and rejuvenates. 

All the massage techniques are focused on the individual, and addresses tightened areas with tension release. 

Chair massage at work is good for the body

Among some of the best benefits that you get with the therapy of a chair massage is the relaxation of your body. Employees mostly remain slumped in their keyboards each second and are definitely sitting in a bad posture. 

These minutes add up upon straining on the screen for more than eight houses in a day. Due to this office workers having desk jobs often face a lot of chronic back and neck pain. Thus, it wouldn’t be natural for the human body to remain sedentary, it also wouldn’t be natural to sit hunched and remain inactive.

Wellness is simply a 15-minute personal spa treatment.

A lot of desk-based jobs just pressurize the body with their own ways as with repetitive mouse movements, writing and typing becomes serious strains and cause carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Thus, including a massage routine in your day to day static body positioning promptly helps in alleviating built up tension on shoulders, necks, arms, wrists and backs. 

According to a study which got published in Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the year 2011 it was found that getting a 15 minute chair massage twice in week considerably minimized musculoskeletal pain and aching with higher range of motion only after a month. 

Mental benefits
on site massage chair

It’s best to take a short break from that mounting to-do list in the middle of the day to have a quick massage, as it does incredible wonders for anxiety, stress and productivity. The workplace stress is a deal of mind and body combo, where you get one, you’ll most likely also get the other. The mental stress would normally remain within the radar for long as it isn’t obvious, such as nerve pain travelling downwards in the arm and having a slipped disc. 

Although, the truth here is that workers suffer through anxiety and stress, employers must focus on considering morale, burnout and retention of their employees. 

The advantages of 15-minute seated chair massage for individual would span emotional and mental health such as low stress levels with a much better mood and anxiety with optimum energy level. 

A few emotional and mental benefits of a quick 15 minute massage are:

  • Decreased levels of anxiety
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Overall improvement in mood
  • High energy and alertness
  • In only few minutes, massages can easily soothe nerves

A study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practices highlighted in the year 2012 that showed offering 15 minute chair massage for nurses at work hours considerably minimized mental stress. 

You become a lot more productive at work

Mind relaxation is the key for getting a surge in productivity and creativity. Having creative solutions is vital for the business. As with such techniques you can simply note down on how you’ll separate good ideas from better and better from the great ones. 

Fresh and innovative concepts are a backbone for growth of any industry. The massage simply calms your mind and lets you step away from issues or tasks in your hands. This forms a lot of space for having those creative and subconscious thoughts. When the employees are provided with luxury and time of relaxation, they would think in a clearer, smarter and much bigger way. 

15-minute Chair Massage Can Work Well with an Office Schedule

With frequent official events and company-wide outings, things can get complicated, but with corporate massage it doesn’t need to be a headache. With office massages you can easily make rest, relaxation and overall wellbeing a priority for yourself and the team without getting any major interruptions in the overall flow of the workplace. The time, length and place of the massage can be chosen.

To organize final minute company events, you can also have an onsite event for a massage chair with only providing notice of 24 hours. You can organize simple accommodates workplace massage for only ten workers and also for more than 10,000. 

Getting a good and deep sleep

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Only a few employees make sure they get enough sleep at night. Often employees with take their work stress home with them, which can have a chain reaction on the sleep you get and then further the stress levels you start with the next day at work. One mounting issue here is the insomnia, without around 50 to 70 million Americans that due to such work, most Americans are deprived suffer through sleep related issues affecting their health. 

Another good thing about getting a chair massage is getting improved sleep levels at nighttime. According to research it has been established that having massage therapy leads to better sleep. This is great benefit and serious deal. Well rested employee would be focused, efficient and healthy employee. 

Chair massages can be included as a part of a total wellness routine. The best thing about it is that instead of going to a massage therapist you can get it at home or at your workplace as well, whenever suits your time conveniently. 

Leading a Healthier Life

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Human touch massage chair brings therapeutic benefits by rejuvenating and restoring your natural well being. This happens thanks to the imbruement in your blood circulation and soothing sore and tired muscles.

Today’s products have great capabilities. They can bring you the feeling of a massage with a human touch. All this you can get sitting in the comfort of your home. 


full body massage chair

Human touch massage equipment has been designed and developed consistent with the requirement of the customers. The service is rendered by a collaboration of physical therapists with personal therapists. It can be in the form of a full body massage chair, or as a portable massage chair (specifically, we recommend massage chair under $100 and massage chair under $250 portable massage chairs chairs). Let’s discuss how it is beneficial for customers. 

Lessens pain

If you suffer from backache, you feel even small tasks to be a massive challenge. Regular massage therapy is likely to help you. This happens because such as massage helps blood flow better to the muscles.

By this, there is the secretion of hormones. Endorphins are a special kind of enzymes that reduce the pain and make the range of movement in joints much better.

It also alleviates spasm in muscles. Spasm are painful and creates deadly hopelessness. Having a regular massage is likely to bring down the pain.

It reduces headache and eye strain

Headaches and eye strains are an important outcome of pain in muscles. When you have pain in one part of the body, it gets reflected in the other parts of the body. For example, if you have pain in the neck, it may show up symptoms of eye strain.

It helps minimize stress

Stress is an important outcome of muscle pain. Thus, when stress increases it leads to muscle tension. 

A human touch massage chair could help by massaging and reducing tension tight muscle and results in the release of endorphins. This, in turn, brings much-needed relief. As it results in the restorative process, the mind and body are healthily maintained.

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Reduces stress significantly

In a modern hectic life, stress has become common thanks to the various situations including high-performance expectations, and other factors. 

Routine massage makes the mind and body get ease by reducing the soreness of muscles. All this induces the body to secrete endorphins.

Enables the mind to function better

As you undergo regular massage with a human touch massage chair, it improves the ability of the mind to judge the stress signals and respond accordingly by improving the quality of thought and creativity.

It helps reduce the anxiety

The mind becomes calm and slows down leading to relaxation. As the mind gets to rest from strong thought and stress,

It enables the mind to recharge and regain energy.

You will experience better health

Regular massage in the form of the human touch massage chair is best known for its attribute to bring down stress and makes blood flow better. This enhances the heart to end the right amount of blood without too much effort. It thus, makes the heart healthier. 

Reduces blood pressure

High blood pressure is because of the higher pressure in blood as opposed to a normal level. This could result in heart attack, stroke and kidney failure or heart failure. Routine massage therapy helps in reducing blood pressure and maintains normal health.

Better blood circulation

The human touch massage chair’s way of massages causes blood to come to and leave muscle and joints by increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. The process can help in reducing the recovery time from injuries and result in an overall improvement in health. 

Better lymph flow

The lymph system is the drainage system in the body and cleans up the waste such as toxins, bacteria, and viruses. As you undergo a routine massage, it helps improve the lymph flow to reduce stress and fatigue to enable the body to get rid of potentially damaging waste products.

Strengthening immunity

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If you encounter stress, you’re more likely to become sick more frequently than if you were not under stress. Apart from bringing down stress and improving the sleep quality, routine massages improves immunity (the body’s natural mechanism to protect against illnesses) and reduces the T-cell count resulting in better immunity.

Better skin health and a lower amount of scar tissue

Routine massage in the form of a human touch massage chair increases the blood flow in the whole body and massage improves tissue generation and brings down scar tissue. 

Further, as blood circulation becomes better, it leads to the removal of dead skin cells and skin repairs and rebuilds.


As you undergo a human touch massage chair therapy, it leads to better quality sleep, better breathing habits, improvement in posture, and improved awareness of body-mind connection. All this leads to a healthier feeling and life than before.