6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Office Massage Chair

in office chair massage, Office massage chair

Are you constantly stressed at work and experiencing tension and pain throughout your body? Pressure from work impacts you both physically and mentally. You need to take measures to protect your overall health and a great way to do that is with an office massage chair.

You’re probably thinking, how can an office massage chair help your physical and mental well-being? Well, a good massage can help lower anxiety, reduce tension, improve your posture, and relieve muscle pain. There are more benefits a massage provides, but of course, you can’t have a masseuse come in every day. So, an alternative to that is having an office massage chair. Let’s look at how it provides you with those office massage chair benefits.

on site massage chair, Office massage chair

Benefits Of Having An Office Massage Chair In Your Office

It is almost impossible to avoid stress in the workplace. Everyone has targets to hit and deadlines to meet. More often than not, all the pressure has a significant impact on overall health resulting in headaches, backaches, and neck pain. With time, individuals may develop more serious ailments such as high blood pressure, lower immunity, and even heart problems.

An office massage chair takes preventative measures against stress. It may not eliminate it but lowers its impact by:

  1. Lowering anxiety: A good office massage chair lowers your heart rate and promotes the release of endorphins helping you relax. It lowers anxiety and reduces the chances of depression by distressing individuals, making them happy and well.
  2. Reduces tension: During the day you build up a lot of muscle tension from all the stress you take on. A massage relieves you and your body of tension by targeting specific points to help your muscles relax. You can find office massage chairs that target your whole body, reducing tension and leaving your body feeling rejuvenated.
  3. Increases circulation: As muscles tense up, they restrict blood circulation. A massage applies pressure on the muscles to help them ease up and promote blood circulation. Increased blood circulation also helps lower blood pressure.
  4. Improves posture: Sitting at a desk for extended hours may result in bad posture. Most people hunch over their desks and work, ignoring the impact of such a posture on their bodies. A massage chair realigns the spine and ensures you sit upright, improving your posture.
  5. Boosts mood and morale: Reduces anxiety and tension will automatically put you in a better mood. Knowing that you have an office massage chair will make you no longer dread going to work.
  6. Improves team synergy: When a team is stressed, there will be some tension and animosity between individuals. Allowing everyone to destress and remain content even when there is pressure will help them all work better together. Ultimately, allowing everyone to work together to meet targets and deadlines.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, an office massage chair may also lower the healthcare burden on the employer. By reducing stress, anxiety, and body tension you limit the risk of injury. You essentially lower the chances of muscular pain and depression, which translates into lower healthcare expenses.

Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Massage Chair

Now that you know why you need a massage chair, let’s look at the factors you should consider when buying one.

  • Size: Make sure you get one that easily fits your office space. There is a wide variety of sizes of the chair, most are bulky and heavy so may not be ideal for all desk space.
  • Features: Massage chairs are quite advanced now but of course the more advanced the chair, the more it costs. You want to focus on the types and areas of massages it provides. Get one that provides a whole-body massage and fits your budget. You don’t need any other additional features unless you want to splurge.
  • Design: Design may also run up the cost of a massage chair. You can find chairs made out of fabric, leather, and other materials. Most aesthetically pleasing chairs are expensive, if your budget is low then focus solely on the massage options it has and don’t worry too much about design.
in office chair massage, Office massage chair

Buying An Office Massage Chair

Think of an office massage chair as an investment in your physical and mental well-being. It may seem like you are splurging on a piece of furniture, but the benefits it offers will impact your health. So, it has some return when you compare it to a regular office chair. Thinking long-term, it will be one of the smartest investments you make at the workplace.

How To Get The Best At Home Heated Office Chair

on site massage chair, Office massage chair

We love massages for many reasons. Sometimes we just want to relax after a hard day at work, and sometimes to relieve chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain. If you suffer from these chronic pains, a heated office chair can be the best product for your health.

A heated office chair can deliver more than the basic comfort of your normal office chairs. These massaging chairs can take your comfort and pain relief to another level. Moreover, enjoying your workday can also provide a lot of health and mental benefits, such as relaxation, improved circulation, and reduced muscle tension.

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 8 hours a day can lead to bad posture and prolonged back pain. And not all of us can afford to go to a spa a couple of times per week. Nonetheless, we all deserve a little rest and relaxation, even at work. This is why I strongly recommend the HoMedics Perfect Touch heated office chair.

HoMedics Perfect Touch Review

HoMedics is an exciting brand, dedicated to helping you relax, and providing you with a stress-free environment. A leading innovator in massage technology, HoMedics has a full line of wellness products, such as the HoMedics Perfect Touch heated office chaira product uniquely designed to promote your well-being.

This heated massage cushion can deliver an intense and invigorating massage on your back, neck, and shoulders. The heating element makes the massage even more soothing. Moreover, heated massages can offer a plethora of benefits that regular massages cannot.

4 Massage Styles

The HoMedics Perfect Touch features 4 distinct massage styles.

  • Deep-kneading Shiatsu. This feature provides a firm and deep concentration on pressure points. This can lead to reduced stress and tension, and increased blood flow as well.
  • Gentle Rolling. As the name suggests, this is for a gentle massage. This feature creates a soothing effect. It’s perfect for aches and discomfort on your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Invigorating Percussion. With this, you can effectively strengthen deep-tissue muscles.
  • Shiatsu/Percussion Combination. This combination allows you to use the best of both features.

Customizable Massage Seat

You can adjust the height of the neck and shoulder massager and the direction of the nodes for a more personalized experience. This way, your colleges, and family members can also use this heated massager.

The Heat Feature

The heat feature is for maximum relaxation and comfort. You can turn it on and off whenever you like. Moreover, the heat also helps to penetrate tired muscles in your shoulders, neck, and back, soothing your sore muscles and provide the relief you need. This warm and soothing sensation can also dilate your blood vessels and increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles, resulting in a speedy recovery.

Three Massage Zones

This cushion allows you to massage three zones on your body, your entire back, including the upper and lower back, your neck, and your shoulders. Moreover, you can target a specific zone, without the need of massaging all three zones.

Integrated Strapping System

The HoMedics Perfect Touch heated office chair was designed to fit most standard size chairs. The integrated strapping system allows the massage cushion to stay put firmly in any chair that it is placed in.


The app lets you control all the features on the heated cushion from your smartphone. Additionally, you can even create special massage programs. The app works with both Android and Apple smartphones.

Benefits of Heated Office Chair

It’s well known that massages offer many benefits. If you pair heat therapy with massage, those benefits can only increase.

on site massage chair

Promotes relaxation. Nothing promotes relaxation better than the combination of a massage and heat. Instead of booking a reservation for the spa, the HoMedics Perfect Touch heated office chair allows you to reap all the benefits while you work.

Increases productivity. This is especially important at work. Heated massage can give you mental clarity, and extra focus. Moreover, without the distraction of anxiety, back pain, and headaches, you can increase your general productivity.

Improved sleep. Heated massage therapy will relax your nerves, and reduce muscle stress. As a result, this can lead to improved sleep.

Increases flexibility. A heated massage can aid flexibility. Heat can effectively loosen up the inactive and inflexible muscles that limit your mobility and often cause pain.


Just like a warm bubble bath or a cup of hot tea at the end of the day, a heated office chair is one of the best relaxation methods. The HoMedics Perfect Touch is one of the best massage cushions on the market.

Furthermore, it’s fully customizable to you. It massages three different areas of your body in four different ways. You can make your massage intense or soothing, hot or cold. Whatever your body needs.

If you’re interested in a heated office chair with heat therapy, look no further. I genuinely recommend this product for self-care.