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About Me!

I’m Jessica, Jess for short. I love a good massage. That’s a little bit of a redundant statement, I mean who is going to say that they don’t enjoy a good massage? There’s nothing like being in a comfortable environment with your mind and body at ease, the stress of the day slowly being worked out of your body by just the right amount of pressure in just the right places. Sorry, you lost me for a moment there.

I used to get regular massages, and when I say regular I don’t think a week went by without me making an appointment to see the lovely ladies that took care of me. I was doing some personal budgeting to help get another area of my life on track and I became aware of just how much this little necessity (don’t let anyone tell you a massage is just a luxury) was starting to cost me, I realized it was time to either cut back or to look for an alternative.

Enter my first experience with a home massage chair. I can’t remember the exact time or place, my mind doesn’t work like that, but I have a feeling it was in a mall on a busy weekend. There was one of those stalls you sometimes see in the middle of the walkway with a bunch of large chairs sitting around and an overly excited salesperson trying to catch my attention. I won’t lie when I say I wasn’t really interested, I mean how could a machine match the warm, expert touch of my lovely masseuse? But, doing some quick math, I worked out that given how much I was spending on massages I could have one of the expensive-looking massage recliner chairs paid off in a short time, and then essentially get my massages for free.

I don’t remember the brand of the chair, but I remember the feeling. The airbags gently squeezing legs and thighs, rollers meeting those same pressure points in my shoulders that my masseuse was always focusing on. My mind began to wander. I imagined sitting in this chair in my home, and being in control of everything! I could control the room temperature, the music playing, enhancing the relaxing experience with aromatherapy oils wafting through the air. I could be in control of where the pressure was focused, how hard it was and how long it lasted. I could get massages at 2 am, or 7 pm, or just whenever it suited me.

I didn’t buy that massage chair, but it lit a spark in me. So, I began looking for the very best home massage chair.

Why I believe in massage
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Asking why I believe in massage is like asking why I believe in drinking water. There are so many benefits (there’s some articles on this site to help you get started if you don’t already know about them), but personally, a good massage leaves me feeling light enough that I think I could walk on clouds if given the opportunity. It clears my mind, relaxes me and helps me switch from “Work Jess” to “Home Jess” and those around me like “Home Jess” a lot more. Regular massages have been part of my self-care routine for a very long time, and I honestly think the reason I can do all the things that I do is because of the increased circulation, reduced tension in my muscles and the awesome stress relief that a good massage provides.

I’ve had a full body massage chair at home for a while now, and while there are occasionally times when I miss the human contact element you get from a masseuse, nothing compares to the amazing benefits of being able to take control of my massage. I love that when I need a massage, I don’t need to make an appointment and wait hours or even days to see someone, I can jump straight into my chair and reap the rewards straight away. 

About The Best Massage Chair Review

Choosing the best massage char for me wasn’t easy. I had a list. It was all the things that I was personally looking for in a massage chair. I thought it was a good list. And it was a good list – for me! 

After talking to other people, people like you, I began to see that the best massage chair for me, wasn’t necessarily going to be the best massage chair for you. That’s when the idea for Best Massage Chair Review came to me. Here I was, already doing a tonne of research into the different chairs and accessories available. I could use this knowledge for good. I could help other people find their best massage chair.

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What began as a personal interest project to help me get some self-care done in the comfort of my own home, has now become a work of passion, I spend my free time investigating, talking to makers and experts in the field to see what products are available, how they work and how they can help you improve your mental and physical health. I also spend a lot of time talking to the users of these machines, and people just like you, trying to find out what sort of elements are pros, what are cons and what makes a really good machine. When I can, I test these machines out myself, it’s not always easy with the bigger more expensive models, I’m not made of money, but I always make sure that when I can’t test massage chair that the information I provide to you is as correct and as accurate as possible.

I’m really confident that the information you find on the rest of this site is going to take the stress out of picking a massage chair that suits your needs and lifestyle. All our reviews are based from Amazon reviews on each product, and are extensively researched to gather a full insight into the products we recommend.

Lastly, I know not everyone is in the position to afford one of the top-of-the-line full-body reclining massage chairs that I love to talk about, but I believe everybody deserves the benefits that come from massage. So, on this site, you will also find reviews of portable massage chair pads (under $100 and under $250). These come in at a much cheaper price range, can often be taken with you in the car and to the office and still offer a good degree of self-care. So, what are you waiting for? Sit down, put your feet up, and start exploring the rest of this little site. New products and chairs are frequently reviewed so please check back often. If you’ve got any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!