The Health Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair While Pregnant

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It will help if you take time to relax during pregnancy because it demands that you remain in excellent health. You can find comfort from pregnancy challenges by settling on a full body massage chair

Massage chairs while pregnant is a blessing for many since they reduce pelvic discomfort and improve blood circulation. Pregnancy may occasionally be painful. Discomfort, pains, cramps, and jabs are expected during the entire pregnancy. If you’re considering treating yourself with a massage or pedicure, you might wonder if using a full body massage chair while pregnant is safe.

There is no single correct answer, but many professionals will tell you that these full body massage chairs are perfectly safe if you use them properly. The following information will explain why using a massage chair while pregnant is beneficial and what things to consider if you decide to try one.

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Is it Safe to Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

Let’s examine each possible issue in more detail;


The vibration you get from a full body massage chair is typically too gentle to hurt you. Because you are seated, there is no risk to your tummy even if you use the maximum setting.


Additionally, the pressure in a full body massage chair is not strong enough to start labor. In reality, constant stress—not the type you’d receive from a massage chair—is what acupressure labor points demand.


It’s a brilliant idea to be cautious about overheating your full body massage chair during pregnancy, even if the heat from a massage chair is generally relatively modest. It’s dangerous to raise your body temperature too much while you’re pregnant. Hot yoga, saunas, and other similar activities are also not advised for this reason.

Why Should You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

The relaxing feeling and pampering you receive are fantastic when using a massage chair while pregnant. Pregnant women are increasingly choosing full body massage chairs because of the following pros;

  • Sitting in a massage chair can relieve leg and back discomfort during pregnancy. It is because the expanding uterus takes up a lot of room and puts pressure on the body. The circulation of blood in the upper region of your body, which reduces discomfort, can be aided by a massage chair.
  • As the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the body and causes leg and back discomfort, which is eased by a full body massage chair.
  • In specific areas, the rollers and nodes massage the user. You can modify the nodes and rollers depending on the situation to target particular body parts.
  • The vibrations do not shake the baby. Therefore, they are secure.

When to Avoid Massage Chair While Pregnancy?

You can avoid using an electric massage chair at any time if you’re concerned about doing so while pregnant. It might be incredibly uncomfortable for some people in the first trimester and the final four weeks of pregnancy.

You might also wish to refrain from using the massage chair while pregnant for the following reasons;

Morning Sickness

Moving from a full body massage chair could make you nauseous if you suffer from severe morning sickness.


You might believe getting a massage is a smart option if you have sciatic nerve pain. But stimulating already sensitive or overworked nerves and muscles may cause more significant pain.

Back Ache

Lower back discomfort follows the same rule. Back pain during pregnancy can be challenging, and you risk aggravating the condition more.

It’s a good idea to discuss why you want to use a massage chair with a doctor or midwife if you have a lot of discomforts. It would be helpful if you discussed any aches and pains you are experiencing with your healthcare professional. For instance, low back discomfort may indicate premature labor.

Safe Pregnancy Massages, Massage Chairs

Why It Is Safe And Healthy To Use A Massage Chair While Pregnant

Overall, using a massage chair while pregnant poses little to no risk if used appropriately. Use gentle heat and modest massage pressure, especially in your lower back area. For instance, on specific parts, pregnant women are permitted to use heating pads. You should stop using the chair and hydrate yourself if you feel dizzy or overheated.