Why a 15 Minute Chair Massage is a Great Thing to Include in Your Routine

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Working for too many hours continuously can be a stressful thing to do and it wouldn’t be any big surprise to get stress at work. Due to its impact on health and the overall life of the individual, many initiatives for corporate wellness are more focused towards stress release and relaxation, and these are getting more momentum. 

Among the best of these would be massage chairs. These benefits for work would outweigh all other renowned perks for office, such as free snacks (that don’t help for waistline or for 2 p.m. slump), nap rooms and ping pong tables. 

However, among everything

massage chairs remains to be an affordable and incredibly effective beneficial addition for work days.

This is exactly the reason as why a lot of small and large companies utilize chair massages as ways for drawing and retaining their valuable employees, while keeping them in a healthy, reliable and productive state. 

Thus, for a total relaxation before, during or after work, you can have a 15 minute chair massage from the comfort of your work or at home and keep going on again with a refreshed and rejuvenated state of mind and body.

What do we mean by chair massage and what you can expect?

For normal chair massages, you would have to lean forward within a massage chair while facing down within face cradle while certified therapist would massage the back, arms and neck. Also, no special cloth change or preparation is required, so it would be convenient and simple. No messy oils are required and there is no feeling of uneasiness. 

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There are two types of best massage chairs we have recommended on our site. These are full body massage chairs, which are suited great from at home or at the office, but can’t be transported. But if you prefer a massage chair you can’t go away without, a portable massage chair would suit you better. These can be taken and used in the car, at work, at home or even taken with you on holidays or work trips! We look into portable massage chairs under $100 and portable massage chairs under $250.

Massage position also plays a key role to the overall productivity. Under the conventional massage technique, you have to lie down horizontally, and a lot of employees don’t like going back to work post conventional massage. Wellness massage can be thought of as 15-minute personal spa treatment meant for individuals meeting them wherever they remain, so they wouldn’t miss additional work time for benefiting through the renowned therapeutic treatment process that just relaxes and rejuvenates. 

All the massage techniques are focused on the individual, and addresses tightened areas with tension release. 

Chair massage at work is good for the body

Among some of the best benefits that you get with the therapy of a chair massage is the relaxation of your body. Employees mostly remain slumped in their keyboards each second and are definitely sitting in a bad posture. 

These minutes add up upon straining on the screen for more than eight houses in a day. Due to this office workers having desk jobs often face a lot of chronic back and neck pain. Thus, it wouldn’t be natural for the human body to remain sedentary, it also wouldn’t be natural to sit hunched and remain inactive.

Wellness is simply a 15-minute personal spa treatment.

A lot of desk-based jobs just pressurize the body with their own ways as with repetitive mouse movements, writing and typing becomes serious strains and cause carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Thus, including a massage routine in your day to day static body positioning promptly helps in alleviating built up tension on shoulders, necks, arms, wrists and backs. 

According to a study which got published in Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the year 2011 it was found that getting a 15 minute chair massage twice in week considerably minimized musculoskeletal pain and aching with higher range of motion only after a month. 

Mental benefits
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It’s best to take a short break from that mounting to-do list in the middle of the day to have a quick massage, as it does incredible wonders for anxiety, stress and productivity. The workplace stress is a deal of mind and body combo, where you get one, you’ll most likely also get the other. The mental stress would normally remain within the radar for long as it isn’t obvious, such as nerve pain travelling downwards in the arm and having a slipped disc. 

Although, the truth here is that workers suffer through anxiety and stress, employers must focus on considering morale, burnout and retention of their employees. 

The advantages of 15-minute seated chair massage for individual would span emotional and mental health such as low stress levels with a much better mood and anxiety with optimum energy level. 

A few emotional and mental benefits of a quick 15 minute massage are:

  • Decreased levels of anxiety
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Overall improvement in mood
  • High energy and alertness
  • In only few minutes, massages can easily soothe nerves

A study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practices highlighted in the year 2012 that showed offering 15 minute chair massage for nurses at work hours considerably minimized mental stress. 

You become a lot more productive at work

Mind relaxation is the key for getting a surge in productivity and creativity. Having creative solutions is vital for the business. As with such techniques you can simply note down on how you’ll separate good ideas from better and better from the great ones. 

Fresh and innovative concepts are a backbone for growth of any industry. The massage simply calms your mind and lets you step away from issues or tasks in your hands. This forms a lot of space for having those creative and subconscious thoughts. When the employees are provided with luxury and time of relaxation, they would think in a clearer, smarter and much bigger way. 

15-minute Chair Massage Can Work Well with an Office Schedule

With frequent official events and company-wide outings, things can get complicated, but with corporate massage it doesn’t need to be a headache. With office massages you can easily make rest, relaxation and overall wellbeing a priority for yourself and the team without getting any major interruptions in the overall flow of the workplace. The time, length and place of the massage can be chosen.

To organize final minute company events, you can also have an onsite event for a massage chair with only providing notice of 24 hours. You can organize simple accommodates workplace massage for only ten workers and also for more than 10,000. 

Getting a good and deep sleep

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Only a few employees make sure they get enough sleep at night. Often employees with take their work stress home with them, which can have a chain reaction on the sleep you get and then further the stress levels you start with the next day at work. One mounting issue here is the insomnia, without around 50 to 70 million Americans that due to such work, most Americans are deprived suffer through sleep related issues affecting their health. 

Another good thing about getting a chair massage is getting improved sleep levels at nighttime. According to research it has been established that having massage therapy leads to better sleep. This is great benefit and serious deal. Well rested employee would be focused, efficient and healthy employee. 

Chair massages can be included as a part of a total wellness routine. The best thing about it is that instead of going to a massage therapist you can get it at home or at your workplace as well, whenever suits your time conveniently. 

Having An Office Massage Chair

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At present, the majority of the people spend their time at their workplaces working overtime and trying to meet deadlines so to acquire a high position in the company. Even though this effort finally gives the results on most occasions, those individuals can suffer from various conditions including backaches and pain in various parts of their bodies because of sitting continuously for hours together, as well as high levels of stress. All these are also further enhanced if in the case of the office chair is not cushioned properly and features a flat back. If you find this is you, you might want to look into something that allows you to work for a longer period of time without feeling uncomfortable whatsoever. This way, you will feel relaxed even after working tirelessly the whole day.

Introducing office massage chairs

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The importance of comfort is now being realized by companies across the globe, which allows their staff to be more productive in their work and meet deadlines quicker as well. The introduction of comfy, healthy for posture, office massage chairs is one of the best solutions for achieving this in the most effective manner. 

If you are planning to go for back massage chairs for your office chair, it is essential to know the various benefits for doing so before purchasing one for your workplace.

We recommend two categories of portable massage chairs, read more on massage chairs under $100 and massage chairs under $250 chairs.

If a portable massage chair isn’t for you, look into full body massage chairs for your office.

Benefits of office massage chair

A massage chair for your office will work in a similar manner as a professional massager that functions at a spa or your residence. In simple words, this type of chair is going to simply imitate a full and comprehensive body massage, however, at your own convenience and within your comfort zone as well. An office massage chair will also help to eliminate any requirement for traveling for getting a massage. Apart from this, they cost only a portion of the total expenses that you make while you are at the spa. So let us not waste time and see why these massage chairs have become so beneficial.

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There is no doubt about the fact that a proper back massage chair will help to eliminate your stress level approximately by 80%. Research has shown that the stress levels of certain individuals measured prior to and after using these chairs, results in a significant decrease in the stress levels. Short term and long term. Less stressed workers indicates better productivity from the employees in the workplace, and a better home life as well.

Better performance

A top-quality office massage chair will help minimise any possibility of developing tendinitis, carpal tunnel, as well as different types of stress injuries.

Fewer healthcare expenses

Another recent survey claims that individuals suffering from acute back pain were provided with an office massage chair at their workplace. This helped to lessen their visits to their physician and it eventually helped to save approximately 30% plus of the cash that would have been otherwise spent on healthcare expenses. Regular usage of these types of massage chairs will be able to treat lots of backaches.

Enhances office morale

A lot of workplaces are now introducing the idea of a Massage Day where top staff get to undergoing a massage by means of the chair or professional. This shows the trend of people seeing the benefits of a massage at work, and just how many advantages it has at work and at home for an individual. This helps to motivate employees and will also make them more productive in the long run. Apart from these, we have mentioned some significant benefits of using an office massage chair below.

1. It helps to get rid of typical office problems such as neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain which can be aggravated by spending extra hours on the computer and sitting in an identical position.

2. It will help to reduce stress and also enhance mental focus. This will help to create inner peace and will also enhance the productivity of the employees significantly.

3. A proper massage chair for the office has lots of physical benefits too. For example, when an individual is relaxed he is going to practice deep breathing that will help to enhance the circulation of blood throughout his system. This will help in lowering the blood pressure levels which will enhance his efficiency in the long run.


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Thus, considering all the above-mentioned facts, it is evident that investing in an office massage chair will definitely be a sensible idea for all types of office workers. This will be a great investment for any business or individual out there looking for ways to help productivity and reduce stress and physical aches in the long run.

Not sure what massage chair should you choose? Read more information here.